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It was when Akash Vaghela, founder of Crème Glacée had a key vision for creating magical dessert concepts, he saw a gap in the wedding & events market therefore in 2013 put his vision into action and focused on creating a whole new dessert experience for the industry. His plans were to craft unique concepts and bring unqiue theatrical fun to the dessert experience through the use of innovative concepts and creations. From the very beginning Crème Glacée has achieved just that, with its bespoke, pioneering concepts the company has built up and grown over the years to be a very reputable, reliable and the most delicious mobile dessert parlour.

Crème Glacée first started by creating its very own ‘The Vintage Gelato Cart’ which was unlikely any serving station out there offering a premium high quality, then went on to create the bespoke inflatable gelato bar and then slowly creating other bespoke carts, set ups and dessert experiences to match the theme of events. We now have such a large profile of bespoke services. Akash’s number one rule was to always ensuring that every guest had an unforgettable dessert experience, so not only the service, presentation was perfect but we let our desserts / gelato speak for itself!

Our Motto from day 1: "Crème Glacée’s bespoke dessert experience is something you or your guests will never forget!!"


In 2017 Crème Glacée entered the renowned Gelato Festival competition, which called upon only the countries best artisan gelato companies. Each company had to choose and create a gelato flavour that had to be made on site, and served to thousands of ice cream lovers across 3 days who then voted for their favourite flavour to be the winner of the Gelato Festival. As one of the finest gelato companies Crème Glacée entered the competition and proudly created the ‘Creme de la Baklava’ that has now been tasted by over 30,000 gelato lovers across UK and Florence (Italy). The delicious new flavour proved to be a big hit with the public and the judges as it won the Gelato festival in 2017 beating hundreds of other Gelato companies.

The Gelato festival interview with Akash Vaghela (Ceo of Creme Glacee) after winning the Gelato festival in UK:

"We are a Bespoke Dessert Experience that specialise in providing magical experiences for all types of events and supplying the hot spots with our unique flavours. I feel honoured being part of the Gelato Festival 2017, which has been a wonderful experience for me as well as the entire team at Crème Glacée UK. We were recommended by our friends at Carpigiani UK to enter the Gelato Festival 2017 at which I initially laughed at, as I never imagined us winning! I only entered the competition to share my vision of what I want Crème Glacée to be seen as "totally out of the ordinary’’ which proved successful. My concept for our Winning flavour "Crème de la Baklava" developed from my vision of uniting and infusing two different cultures signature desserts to create the perfectly combined gelato to be served in only one scoop! Now I truly feel delighted that the judges, technical jury and all those lovely gelato lovers that waited patiently in our constant long queues for Crème de la Baklava enjoyed the gelato as much as we enjoyed making it and decided to choose us as the WINNER of 2017 Gelato Festival UK!! I truly feel very proud and confident that the future I envisioned for my unique bespoke dessert experience is coming to life and has had such great positive response. We aim to continue our hard work and dedication to our unique vision by continuing to constantly develop and bring you all the finest gelato, as well as creating magical dessert concepts.”

Akash Vaghela, Founder of Crème Glacee

"All you need is love.... and a little Créme Glacée" Very excited to be a part of Hemin's and Chandni's big day!!! Akash VaghelaaSham Vaghelaa

Oliwia Bolimowska

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