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Ice Cream Cone Station

Marble Gelato Cart

Vintage Oak Wood Gelato Cart

Tricycle Gelato Cart

Bespoke Inflatable-Bars

Inflatable Back Drops

Bespoke Dessert Displays

French Creperie Bar

Marble Belgian Waffle/Crepes Bar

Ice Cream Rolls Station

Nitrogen Ice Cream Cart

Fine Dine Nitrogen Boats

Nitrogen Platter Dish

Marble Crème Café Cart

Marble Milkshake / Juice Bar

Bubble Tea

Bubble Waffle Wraps

Personalised Set Ups

La Grande Cone

Personalised Chocolates

Ice Sculpture Carts

Macaroon Towers

"All you need is love.... and a little Créme Glacée" Very excited to be a part of Hemin's and Chandni's big day!!! Akash VaghelaaSham Vaghelaa

Oliwia Bolimowska

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