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It was when Akash Vaghela, founder of Crème Glacée had a key vision for creating magical dessert concepts, he saw a gap in the wedding & events market therefore in 2013 put his vision into action and focused on creating a whole new dessert experience for the industry. His plans were to craft unique concepts and bring unqiue theatrical fun to the dessert experience through the use of innovative concepts and creations. From the very beginning Crème Glacée has achieved just that, with its bespoke, pioneering concepts the company has built up and grown over the years to be a very reputable, reliable and the most delicious mobile dessert parlour.

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We have a wide range of bespoke dessert services to offer you, find out more by speaking to one of our sales executives that will take your through our packages in detail.

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"All you need is love.... and a little Créme Glacée" Very excited to be a part of Hemin's and Chandni's big day!!! Akash VaghelaaSham Vaghelaa

Oliwia Bolimowska

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